MWAT Pre-Sale LIVE and Exceeding Expectations

– 34% of cap reached –

Restart Energy Democracy (RED) has exceeded market expectations…. again. Thankfully, as the fastest growing EU energy platform, with 1700% growth in our first two years, we have experience in such matters.

Three hours into our pre-sale and we’ve already raised over a third of our 30 million USD cap!

The global cryptocurrency community has put their trust in our MegaWatt (MWAT) token, and we shall prove ourselves worthy of their trust.

A special thank you goes out to Australia, India, Germany, the United Kingdom (we’re opening UK offices soon), South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Russia, Italy, Romania (our global HQ) and our brothers from across the Prut river in Moldavia, as well as all of our contributors from around the globe.

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RED — Send and receive energy, anywhere in the world.