Restart Energy on ICO Talk TV

Recently, Restart Energy’s CEO Armand Doru Domuta joined ICO Talk TV to discuss his founding vision and future goals for the company.

ICO Talk TV has been responsible for interviewing some of the leading companies behind successful TGEs, offering contributors great insight into the priorities and values of these innovative companies.

Our CEO was proud to discuss some of the most-asked questions about the platform today. However, before any of that took place, Armand used his time on ICO Talk TV to discuss some of the more important factors of the RED platform that go way beyond tokens and dollar signs.


To start the interview, Armand was asked to briefly sum up the RED project. He put it best in a single sentence: ”The RED platform gives users the ability to send and receive energy worldwide by connecting consumers directly to producers.”

“We wanted to change the way energy is supplied to end customers.”

Using blockchain technology, the Restart Energy Democracy (RED) system will revolutionize the decentralized energy sector by improving its efficiency, transparency and eliminating several layers of costs at the same time.

The RED platform aims to reach deregulated markets in more than 35 countries around the world, which make up 44% of the world’s energy consumption.

Armand went on to explain that Restart Energy is not just a platform to connect consumers with power plants. Restart Energy is an energy supplier that works by purchasing energy from multiple producers (large and small) and then supplying it to the user’s consumption point, which can be a home or business. The system invoices the energy consumed and calculates all necessary taxes automatically.

And that’s just the beginning.

One of the key features of the RED platform is inherent to blockchain technology: flexibility. As one example, RED users have the ability to switch suppliers straight from their mobile, up to once every month.

With a Facebook chat function and WhatsApp support, Armand also emphasized that we are the only energy supplier in the world offering that level of customer support.

Another benefit? RED’s unique approach doesn’t require legislation to be changed. The system can be taken into multiple markets around the world, and has immediate applicability — even benefiting from local experience with due to its franchise model.

“We are going to bring together the fragmented energy market, exactly like Amazon has done to eCommerce.”

Armand finished by summarizing the main objective of Restart Energy which is to be the “first decentralized energy platform that will allow users to send and receive energy worldwide.

As a whole, Restart Energy’s primary goal is to bring real value to consumers through a decentralized, integrated network that improves the efficiency of the energy sector and makes it accessible for all.