Benefit From RED’s Unique Franchise Opportunity

Restart Energy Democracy Franchise (RED-F) is an exclusive business opportunity available to MWAT Token holders. It is an innovative, tested, and working idea that is already being used within the European Union. By allowing MWAT token holders to create and run their own energy retail business, Restart Energy is merging decentralization blockchain technology with free market principles.

Each RED franchise needs to own a certain number of MWAT tokens in order to operate — this is not a fee — all benefits of MWAT tokens still apply; the franchise simply needs to keep them.

There are four franchise tiers, each allowing token holders to set up REDfranchises in their respective city/region/country of residence:

  1. RED City Franchise — 10,000 MWAT
  2. RED Regional Franchise — 100,000 MWAT
  3. RED Country Franchises — 1,000,000 MWAT
  4. RED Master Franchises — 10,000,000+ MWAT (depending on country population). This final tier gives exclusive franchise rights encompassing the token holder’s country of residence, and the ability to create sub-franchises within that country.

RED-F is a way for interested parties to benefit from Restart Energy’s experience, technical expertise, marketing know-how, and strong brand while owning their own retail company. It allows franchise owners to become personally involved in RED’s mission — to re-invent the way energy is bought, sold, and traded on a global scale.

Deregulated markets will make up approximately 70% of the world’s energy consumption through 2022 — this means there is huge potential for growthwithin the sector, as the old, inefficient, and inflexible energy monoliths are overtaken by new agile companies. To this end, RED-F is a turnkey solutionthat is already applicable in all fully decentralized markets — no legislative changes are required. In fact, the RED platform can already function from day one in more than 35 deregulated energy markets.

Furthermore, with the benefits of the RED platform, franchises can out-compete other companies by way of peer-to-peer trading that benefits both producer and consumer alike: prices are ~30% lower for consumers and profits ~30% higher for producersThis even includes prosumers, that up until now where paid unfair amounts for their electricity.

Types of Franchises

There are two franchise models that will go hand-in-hand with the RED ecosystem:

Type A positions franchisees as owners of a power retail company.

With this model, the franchisee will work together with Restart Energy to establish their very own power retail company. They will enter the market and take on all of the risks and expenses of building a business. Restart Energy, in turn, will provide all of the required technical, infrastructural, automation, marketing, and sales support.

After providing the financial and management capacity to set it up, franchisees will receive a complete power business, including assistance, the right to use Restart Energy’s brand, control over all revenues earned, technical training staff, marketing/branding packages, promotion in the area, and access to multiple other resources to ensure success.

Type B, on the other hand, positions franchise partners as resellers or brokers.

This setup would lead to Restart Energy entering the market and establishing a company in the area. Restart Energy would take on all risks and expenses of creating a new market, and the franchise owner would just act as a retailer or broker. He would have full support, and would also receive the right to create sub-franchises (and sell them), plus a portion of the revenues generated by these sub-franchises.

Additionally, training, marketing, branding, local promotion, and access to RED’s backend modules would be provided. This offers a lower profit margin compared to full ownership, but it also comes with less risk and Restart Energy will front the costs.

In order to streamline the process of securing your own retail energy franchise, we have recently launched our RED Franchise application form. If you are interested in acquiring one such franchise, please click here and fill out the provided form.

For further details about RED-F, please consult our RED Franchise page.

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