IICO Host Jon Najarian Interviews Armand Doru Domuta CEO & Founder Restart Energy

Restart Energy’s CEO Armand Doru has given an interview to the International ICO channel host and CNBC’s talk show star Jon Najarian. During the interview, Armand talked about how Restart Energy became the first energy company in Europe that accepted bitcoin payments for energy services.

He also explained how RED ecosystem will work and how consumers will pay less for energy, how they will be able to buy and sell energy without a middleman. The focus of Restart Energy is on cleaner energy on a global scale. The company is also working on reducing transaction costs for its customers, said Doru. In addition, Armand Doru and Jon Najarian discussed a RED energy franchise model that allows platform users to expand Restart Energy’s business by encouraging people to switch to RED.

Armand Doru explained to the viewers how the RED MWAT token works and how it allows users to buy and sell energy and even receive free energy that can be used or sold. Doru reminded the audience that Restart Energy is backed by real business and is one of the fastest-growing private energy companies in a deregulated EU environment with 27,000 households and more than 3,000 SMEs.

The interview can be watched here: