RED Update #1: Restart Energy Expanding on All Fronts

Welcome to Restart Energy’s first article that deals with updates on everything we’ve been working on since the end of our public sale.

This article aims to solve the gap in our communication and show you all the fancy things we’ve been working on.

Of course, you will get more articles like this one in the future. How often? We’re still deciding, but there will be at least one per month, although it’s not guaranteed that there will be as many updates every time.

Let’s get into it.

RED-TRS: Token Renting System

Last week, you were introduced to our new TRS system, which adds more functionality to the MWAT token.

I am not going to bore you with the details, our Chief Editor (Rouă Denis) wrote a brilliant piece on it. You can read it here.

Global Expansion

Fueled by an increasing demand for RED franchises, Restart Energy decided to advance its expansion into several key international energy markets — entering ahead of schedule in decentralized markets planned for 2019 and beyond. Here’s how we’re doing so far:

#1Restart Energy DOO’ is a registered company in Serbia and has already received its license to supply electricity, Nr.312–90 to be precise. Retail to end consumers is expected to begin in Q3–2018.

#2Restart Energy opened a subsidiary in Singapore on Feb 6th, 2018. The company has already started the process of obtaining electricity and gas supply licenses in the State of Singapore. The newly created entity will act as a hub for Restart Energy operations in South-East Asia, with a focus on high-growth emerging markets and a rapidly increasing demand for decentralized energy solutions like Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

#3. On Feb 26th, Restart Energy officially registered it’s UK subsidiary under the name ‘Restart Energy One UK’, having the company identification number 11224104. The process of obtaining a dual fuel (electricity and gas) supply license has already been initiated and together with a controlled market entry procedure, will take between 8 and 12 months to complete. Operations will include the supply of electricity and natural gas to domestic and non-domestic customers.

#4. Restart Energy is in advanced negotiations for the acquisition of an established Bulgarian energy company. The agreement is scheduled to be signed in March and retail operations to end consumers are scheduled to begin in Q3–2018. Cross-border operations in Greece and Turkey will be managed by Restart Energy Bulgaria.

#5. Restart Energy has started a due diligence process for the acquisition of established energy supply companies in SloveniaCroatiaHungary, andAustriaThe process is scheduled to be completed in Q3–2018.

#6Restart Energy has employed reputable law offices for registering and licensing subsidiaries in Germany and Spain as licensed energy suppliers. The new subsidiaries will be registered in March and the licensing process is expected to be complete in Q3 and Q4–2018.

RED Platform Update

#1. The first public part (Alpha version) of the RED platform will be the Signup/Login systems based on the MWAT token. This system will allow a verification of ownership for MWAT tokens and as such is crucial for the entire RED ecosystem.

#2. Along with the above release we will present the tokenized voting system, based on the actual MWAT tokens held. If the testing phase goes well, it should be live by the end of the month.

#3. We are actively testing several solutions for bringing some of the principles of blockchain into energy, such as transparency, security, and reliability. To achieve this, we are going to employ a hybrid approach — on one hand, the main database will be kept in a classical cloud-based database. A second database, running on top of the first one, using blockchain technology, will be used to expose the relevant data for the public — such as transactions history — and will act like a shadow to the first one.

The team is trialing three types of blockchain technologies to achieve this with the help of our four new blockchain devs, that joined our Bucharest team in the last few weeks. More details about this will be revealed during our internal testing phase.

RED Franchise Update

Not so much an update, but rather us bragging about how many applications we’ve received from people all over the world for opening an energy supply franchise.

We’ve had over 200 applications, out of which 30 were for type A franchises, that each cover an entire country.

Another interesting fact that we’ve figured you’d like to know, is that the top three countries from which we’ve received applications are: the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.

Right now, this is all we can share, but we’ll update you the moment we’ve got more news on this subject.

Restart Energy is taking on new franchise applications. You can apply for a RED franchise here: RED Franchise Request Form.

Update on The Number of Customers

In the first two months of 2018, Restart Energy managed to bring another 5,000+ customers onboard. These new customers are only from Romania — we should be able to grow at a much higher pace once we expand to multiple countries around Europe and the rest of the world, as stated in the “Global Expansion” section of this article.

Update on Our Financial Situation for 2017

Restart Energy has ended the 2017 fiscal year with approximately 20 million USD in revenues, with very small variations possible due to exchange rate differences between EUR/USD. This both confirms our revenue projections and affirms a solid 425% net growth based on our company’s Romanian operations alone.

The 2017 financial statements containing detailed numbers will be published at the latest on May 31st, 2018.

New PR Director — Mihai Herman

As stated above, Restart Energy listened to your feedback and has already taken action, by starting a collaboration with a new PR Director.

In case you didn’t notice, this article is written by said PR Director, so I’ll introduce myself below.

At heart, I am an entrepreneur — started my first online business when I was 19 years old. In the past eight years, I’ve ran several businesses & blogs, including being an SEO & marketing consultant, a fashion blogger and a business coach.

I am a big believer in authenticity and transparency when it comes to delivering a message or building a brand, which are the main values that I aim on cultivating here at Restart Energy — and it’s going to be pretty easy because the fundamentals on which this company was built are exactly those.

PR wise, I was able to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the men’s fashion industry, as well as attend New York Fashion Week, Pitti Uomo in Florence and WebSummit in Dublin.

You can find me on Twitter & Telegram @mihaiherman.

Restart Energy is hiring

Our team has expanded even more by hiring 4 blockchain developers and one UI/UX designer to help the current team handle the workload and deliver a spectacular platform as soon as possible.

We are hiring passionate and ambitious professionals that want to forever change the energy world with us. The following positions are available:

#1. International Positions

  • RED Franchise Business Developer
  • RED Platform Marketing Manager
  • Blockchain developer (Solidity)
  • Full stack developer (Node, Angular, Truffle experience is appreciated)

For development positions, be sure to include your Github profile.

#2. United Kingdom

  • Energy Supply Manager
  • Franchise Sales Manager B2B

#3. Singapore

  • Energy Supply Manager
  • Franchise Sales Manager
  • Renewable Energy Business Developer

Job applications can be sent along with a professional CV and short description at: [email protected]

Website Makeover

An update to our website is due, so we’re passively working on a new design and feel, that we believe will appeal to a more B2B audience.

This is an important step, as the more professional a website looks, the more applications we will receive from respectable business people, and as such, the faster we’ll be able to expand. In this regard, of special importance is our Franchise page.

As the saying goes, ‘first impressions matter most’. The timing of the redesign is also near-perfect, since we’re preparing ourselves for the publicity that the company will receive in the coming months through our marketing & PR efforts.

Speaking of…

Updates on Our Marketing & PR Progress

Now, let me show you what we’re working on in terms of gaining awareness for our awesome project.

Besides what’s mentioned below, we’re also working on a few secret projects and on bringing you exciting contests in the coming months.

#1. We hired two reputable PR agencies to help Restart Energy get the publicity it deserves. Currently, we’re working on getting story ideas and finding angles to deliver the news in a way that reporters can’t help but say yes.

Starting next week, however, the first releases should be sent and hopefully we’ll have the first media appearances soon. The strategy was thought so we tackle the energy and blockchain industry at the same time.

Of course, we’ll share each and every one of them with you.

#2. Restart Energy is actively discussing collaboration terms with some Youtube bloggers that should help us gain more awareness in the crypto space.

#3. These are all the articles and videos talking about our project and the $MWAT token from the past two-three weeks. We’ve shared most of them with the community, but I am sure some of you missed them and will appreciate the list.

(Help us spread the word by sharing your favorite article/video on Twitter)

In Hackernoon

In SeekingAlpha, a whole article about our franchising model:

In Crypto-Prospects, Restart Energy got a rating of 8 out of 10:

In a Medium blog, referred to as an alt coin with big potential:

In BTCManager, a nice comparison between the biggest energy projects on the blockchain:

In a Steemit blog:

Youtuber Mike B posted another video about us — he talks about why he thinks Restart Energy, as a project, is “life-changing” and also about wanting to own a RED franchise himself:


Crypto Gurus talked about RED as well — including the reasons why they’ve bought MWAT:

Suppoman mentioned Restart Energy as well:

Look-What-We’ve-Found-on-Twitter Section

We do our best to reply to every tweet from our valuable community, but you can all agree that it’s humanly impossible to cover everything all the time.

However, we do check every now and then to see what are people tweeting using the $MWAT tag and we’ve found these tweets that made all of us at Restart Energy smile.

Special thanks to all of you who took the time out of their busy lives to share an article and/or mention MWAT to a Twitter crypto influencer.


That’s all folks! Truly hope you’ve enjoyed this article and feel free to give us suggestions in the Telegram Group regarding this update.

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