Romanian Snooker Masters, Presented by Restart Energy

Restart Energy has always been passionate about promoting Romania and it’s potential globally, and tomorrow, March 14th, 2018, we will do just that yet again — by presenting the Romanian Snooker Masters tournament to international audiences.

Brief history and context

Snooker is the premier cue sport, with a long and noble history dating as far back as the late 16th century, having its roots in Billiards — a game popular with royalty. Three centuries later, it had acquired many of the hallmarks of modern snooker and in 1884 the first official ruleset was issued by Sir Neville Chamberlain — a British Army officer stationed in India that is considered the progenitor of modern snooker.

During the 1980s, the sport was introduced to global audiences when legendary names like Steve ‘The Nugget’ Davis and Jimmy ‘The Whirlwind’ White took center stage and further popularized snooker’s presence on the world stage.

Today, the sport’s star is on the rise yet again, being accounted as the fastest growing professional sport in the world: there are some 100 million players in 88 countries around the globe, with events broadcast by 23 major networks and being watched by over half a billion people. 150 thousand tickets have been sold to 28 events, with the Romanian Snooker Masters being the 29th added for the 2017/2018 season.

It has reached such heights that in 2015, the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) — snooker’s official governing body — has submitted an official request to include snooker as an Olympic sport at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Romanian Snooker Masters

This will be the first time that Romania hosts its own Masters tournament and will naturally be held in the capital city of Bucharest — a modern metropolis of some 2.4 million people. Of those 2.4 million people, many are sure to be interested in the event, as snooker has gained increased awareness within Romania over the last few years, with a growing amateur and professional player-base, as well as national snooker tournaments being organized — the most recent of which being the juniors tournament, held last month in Brașov.

This is not the first time a snooker Masters was held on Romanian soil, however. Two years ago Bucharest also hosted the 2016 European Masters, the sixth event of the 2016/2017 snooker season calendar. The tournament was held in the Metropolitan Circus amphitheater and it is in this same arena that the Romanian Masters will be held.

The Romanian Snooker Masters tournament will last for 5 days, starting March 14th and ending March 18th and will be televised live by Eurosport world-wide to an estimated audience of 20 million. The first two rounds are to be held Wednesday to Friday, March 14th to 16th, played over 7 frames. Semi-finals will follow on Saturday, March 17th, played as best of 9 frames. The final will be held on Sunday, March 18th, and will be played in two sessions with a maximum of 19 frames possible.

The tournament will feature 16 of the top-20-ranked snooker players in the world; with the draw, including global ranking and country of origin, going as follows:

  1. Mark Selby (1, England) vs. Liang Wenbo (18, China)
  2. Stuart Bingham (11, England) vs. Neil Robertson (13, Australia)
  3. Mark Williams (7, Wales) vs. Ali Carter (12, England)
  4. Mark King (20, England) vs. Stephen Maguire (19, Scotland)
  5. John Higgins (5, Scotland) vs. Anthony McGill (16, Scotland)
  6. Barry Hawkins (8, England) vs. Ryan Day (17, Wales)
  7. Mark Allen (9, Northern Ireland) vs. Kyren Wilson (14, England)
  8. Judd Trump (3, England) vs. Luca Brecel (15, Belgium)

The contenders will split a total of 200,000 EUR in prize money, with 50,000 going to the winner of the tournament.

Restart Energy is proud to be the main sponsor of this historic tournament — the largest sports event in Romania. We are also pleased to continue doing our part in offering favorable conditions for the local economy and thus the economic growth thereof, especially in the context of Romania’s GDP surpassing China’s in terms of annual growth last year — a high bar that we are pleased to have contributed towards, with our 400% revenue growth in 2017.

Romanian Snooker Masters, Presented by Restart Energy | 2018 World Snooker Event

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