Why RED stands out — Pillars

Restart Energy Democracy (RED) is, at its core, an efficient and transparent way to bridge the global divide between energy producers, prosumers, and consumers — all the while cutting down on administrative and transaction costs for everyone involved.

RED is already an existing system, as Restart Energy currently activates within Romania — and will soon start its activity within the UK. However, we want RED to be more — we want the RED Platform to integrate itself into the blockchain and be a truly decentralized, global energy ecosystem. To this end, we’ll do a Token Generation Event in March (we’ll generate ~500 MM tokens, burning unsold ones), supported by three sale events of our RED MegaWatt (MWAT) tokens:

  1. The private sale has already started, and will end on Jan 14th, 2018. It features a minimum 50,000 USD contribution floor, while receiving 40% bonus tokens.
  2. The pre-sale starts on January 15th, 2018 and ends on February 12th, 2018. During this period, the minimum contribution amount is 10,000 USD, and will earn you 20% bonus tokens.
  3. The TGE will start on February 14th, 2018 and will end on March 14th, 2018. Contributors can benefit from 15% bonus tokens on the first day, reduced by 1% per day, until the bonus reaches zero.

RED has a multi-faceted business strategy, but it can be largely explained by highlighting its four main features — its ‘pillars’:

  1. The RED Franchise (RED-F)

Be the first to secure your retail energy franchise in your country and resell it to other private suppliers or companies after the TGE.

As we move forward, and as we have already successfully done in the past, we will focus our efforts on growing our franchise network — this time on a global scale. Every franchise needs to own a certain number of MWAT tokens to operate.

=> high private supplier demand from RED-F

If you’re a private company that wants to enter the energy sector, then Restart Energy’s franchise program is a unique opportunity to become involved in re-inventing the way energy is bought, sold, and traded globally — through the RED ecosystem — a global, privatized, decentralized energy supply platform.

=> less capital needed then after the TGE to join RED-F, as you buy the tokens you need directly from us

2. Already in business and growing fast

Since our inception in 2015, Restart Energy has had remarkable market traction, with exponential growth:

  • 2015–2016: 400% sales growth, revenues of 4.7 million USD in 2016.
  • 2016–2017: 425% sales growth, estimated revenues of 20 million USD in 2017.
  • 2017–2018: 500% sales growth, revenue forecast of 100 million USD in 2018.

Because of our stellar growth, we have been awarded the “Exponential Growth Award”, by the Renewable Energy Cluster, ROSENC and where voted as having the fastest response time by the users of the “Energy Platform” in Romania.

Restart Energy has been ranked as the number one independent supplier in Romania’s deregulated household gas market and number two in it’s deregulated energy household market.

We have grown from 0 to 30,000 customers (27k households and 3k companies) in under two years. We have expanded our franchise networkto over 300 partners in Romania. There are more than 40,000 payment locations for Restart Energy across Romania. We have managed to reach a monthly revenue growth rate of over 10%.

To match our strong market performance, we have gained several strong partners: EuroGSM (Orange Telecom Dealer), InterBroker, GRS, AMVV.

3. Restart Energy Democracy Platform (RED-P)

RED-P is a global, decentralized energy supply platform and blockchain software.

RED-P connects energy producers and traders with retail customers around the globe in a transparent, decentralized manner that creates value for all the parties by employing:

a) blockchain technology and smart contracts to remove several layers of costs associated with bureaucracy and transactions

b) a decentralized supply service for end customers.

The inherent structure of the system is designed for fast scalability and global applicability in all deregulated energy markets using the same proven methods that helped the company to achieve its fast growth in the EU market.

Producers will be able to sell their energy at a price 30% higher compared to the wholesale price due to high numbers of low volume retail customers, that in turn will pay 30% less by using existing grid infrastructure to rearrange the way transactions are settled in a transparent manner using blockchain technology.

By registering to RED-P, producers and consumers also gain access to:

  • global energy network
  • intelligent wifi meters that keep track of user energy consumption, cost, and current power use. The information can be viewed on a phone/PC in real time.
  • watt prediction software, for superior solar energy forecasting aimed at producers and prosumers alike.
  • peer-to-peer (P2Penergy exchange
  • green certificates, if they produce and/or consume green energy. These can be sold on a secondary market to third parties to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • cryptocurrency payment methods, including RED MWAT tokens

Consumers can change energy suppliers via online switching, and opt for up to 100% green energy services.

All these services and features will ensure a high migration rate from legacy energy platforms, making RED-P truly a platform for the future.

=> expanding user base means high trust in RED and MWAT

The Romanian economy has grown by 6,1% in 2017 and it continues to be one of the leading nations in Central and Eastern Europe for attracting FDI. It’s economy ranks 13th in the EU and 49th worldwide. In terms of GDP per capita, it ranks 63rd worldwide.

=> a fast growing initial market for RED

4. RED MWAT Token Utility

The RED MegaWatt Token (MWAT) is the world’s first energy-backed Ethereum token: it can hold up to 1MW of electricity and self-replenishes based on total grid power.

  • Limited supply of 500 million Tokens issued
  • Each MWAT gives access to trade up to 1 MWh on the RED Platform
  • Holding a minimum number of tokens is necessary for the retail energy franchise (any person/company or other private supplier that wants to start a power retail business will have to own a minimum amount of tokens depending on the franchise type — think about a McDonalds franchise needing to buy tokens to open)
  • Tokens accumulate monthly free energy from the community fund
  • Using the RED Platform to buy renewable energy, grants you extra green certificates which you can sell on secondary markets to companies that want to reduce their CO2 footprint

a) What can you do with RED MWAT tokens?

  • You get access to energy trading with producers on the RED Platform, up to 1 MWh/month for each token
  • Holding a minimum amount of tokens gives access to a retail franchise
  • Receive and use free energy, donated monthly, by the producers accessing the platform
  • Receive and sell green certificates on secondary markets
  • Sell the tokens on exchanges to existing Restart Energy customers that want access to the RED Platform, or to other contributors and companies that want to start their own power retail business around the world and need to hold tokens

b) Who needs MWAT Tokens?

  • Consumers that want to buy cheaper energy directly from producers (including the existing 30,000 customers of Restart Energy)
  • Producers that want to sell energy at a retail price directly to final consumers (through RED-P and Restart Energy or other private suppliers license)
  • Companies that have consumer databases from other industries and want to start a retail power & gas business with the RED Franchise (RED-F) type A
  • Entrepreneurs that want to start their own power & gas retail business using RED-F type A
  • Any person that wants to start a power & gas brokering business using RED-F type B

We hope this overview has cleared up some questions you might have had regarding RED.

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